Sic infit…

Yet another food blog?? I’m afraid so….I love food. I begged my mom to be allowed to cook as a young child and was thrilled when I was tall enough to be finally allowed to fry my first omelet. I learned a lot about cooking from my mom, who is one of the most talented cooks I know and some more from her brother, who is one of the most talented caterers in Bombay city. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have friends who appreciated food as much as I did and many an afternoon and evening in college has been spent arguing over where the best food was to be had in the city

Coming to the United States was tremendously exciting. Among other things, it has introduced me to several other culinary cultures. And all these brilliant chefs! I love Italian in San Francisco, just as I loved Tex-Mex in Texas. I’m lucky to live in a fabulous culinary city now just as I was fortunate enough to grow up in one.

I hope for this blog to be a memory of my culinary journey, as I try new things and revisit my old favourites. I love to cook for friends and family and share my food with people. There is a special joy watching people appreciate what you have prepared. My husband Amey is my favourite person to cook for. He happily applauds every new thing I try and has gamely worked his way through some of my truly awful food disasters. And he has been urging me a long time to also explore my love of writing. This is my attempt to try to combine two things that I enjoy. Will it endure?? I don’t know. But join me won’t you, as this experiment takes off, exploring wonderful flavour and ingredients. Never stale, (except for the occasional recipes that might require stale bread) and always diverse. And so it begins..

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