When the wave of ’25 random things about You’  tagged to me on Facebook, I had a hard time trying to come up with them. Maybe I have to work at the memory thing or at coalescing thoughts enough to form a cohesive list. Once done though, it was surprising to see how many of them had to do with food. This took me a while. Here goes….

1. I love spicy food. I have been known to eat chillies raw.
2. I love Indian, Indian Chinese (I kid you not, it is its own fabulous cuisine), Mexican, Thai and Italian food in that order. The only thing topping all of these is my mom’s food. No one cooks like her. NO ONE!
3. I hate fish, but the smell of fish being fried the Goan way by my mom is pretty high on my list of favourite smells.
4. I have lots of cook books but I’ve never followed a recipe completely, except when I’m baking. I learned early that you can’t muck around with that.
5. I miss Bade Miya and Ling’s Pavillion more than I can say.
6. I flipped my first omlette when I was 10, made my first mayonnaise at 12.
7. Being in the US taught me to appreciate milder cuisines like French. Though it is not a favourite, before then, I’d have been loath to even try it.
8. I could never value religion over human life. Religious fervor is the scariest thing I know.
9. My last meal wish would be a proper Chicken Shwarma like they make in the U.A.E and a Veggie Frankie.
10. Everything is better with Maggi’s Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce (it is different!). (Or this green habernero sauce I discovered in Michigan of all places!)
11. I love to drive. The destination doesn’t matter as much as the trip.
12. I am highly thankful I wasn’t an only child. I am also thankful I am the middle child.
13. My elder sister taught me to read and ride the bicycle (and not to do it at the same time. 🙂
14. I find the evolution of various cuisines fascinating. I often wonder what Indian food was like before chillies were introduced to it 400-500 years ago. Also if China is (apparently) the largest potato producer in the world, why are there very few, if any, potato dishes in Chinese restaurants??
15. My fondest wishes are to see the Pyramids of Egypt and to learn to fly a plane.
16. My best friend from school and my best friend in college share the same birthday, down to the year. My best friend in college is now my husband.
17. I love languages. I am fluent in three (spoken and written), and haltingly speak and understand three others.
18. I love dogs. I love cats. I’ve turned my husband into a dog lover. We are working on cats now.

Not my husband or my dog 🙂

19.  I adore Michael J. Fox. I think I was 10 when I first saw Back to the Future.
20. I need books and music like I need air to breathe.
21. I am deeply interested in astronomy, geography and history.
22. I grew up near the sea and live near the ocean now. The two years I spent away from it drove me stir-crazy.
23. I love roller coasters. I think I’d love sky-diving. This is despite the fact that I have some degree of vertigo.
24. I understand why texting is the way it is but it bothers me when people write everything that way.
25. The insularity I see in some communities foreign to a region surprises me. Why leave your country when you want to spend all your time only with people from it?


  1. Chrys

    RE: #10: Have you tried the hot sriracha sauce from Chinese stores…I am addicted to it and will have it on everything.

    • Cheeky Chilli

      Yum!! yes I have. I use it often in various things. It vaguely reminds me of schezwan sauce in Bombay, but not quite exactly the same.