Happy Birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge, Jamie Oliver & me!!

Yup, birthday time!! Bring out the hats and par-tey like its May 27!! Okay I realise that this means little to anyone else who doesn’t have something special happen today. But it’s my birthday. And Jamie Oliver’s. And 72 years ago, it was the first time that people walked on the Golden Gate bridge. And I love how the fact that my life criss-crosses with such giants in more ways than one, minimally though it may. But what the hey?? Let’s par-tey!! Even the weather’s so great.

Amey made me a special Jamie Oliver dinner last night. It’s another superb and simple creation from Jamie at home, crispy chicken with squashed potatoes and tomatoes. We had it with couscous instead of a salad and it was amazingly hearty. The flavours do meld all together and the tomatoes go all sweet and tart at the same time. You get to shmush the potates into everything and have a party on your plate right there.

Today was a lovely day filled with friends, cake, balloons and another beautiful dinner I’ll talk about in a bit. The weather was perfect.The only missing factor were my parents and my mom’s aamras, which she always made for me every birthday. This is the height of mango season in India and it never seemed like my birthday without it. Now I haven’t had it on my birthday for almost eight years and some part of me is wistful. The other part is thrilled to be eating olive oil ice-cream and crispy chicken.

So here is another photo of the Jamie Oliver dinner and one of the most beautiful bridge in the world and another of this lovely day, all courtesy my wonderful other half. On this day when I stop for a second and think about the past year, the one thing I’m glad about is that I live in its shadow. And super happy to be born in May. It’s the best month, didn’t you know??

*In case you’re wondering why this photo is grey, two reasons…#1. It wasn’t taken today however, (and leading to) #2. A day in the San Francisco summer can change this quickly in the matter of a day. Warm and sunny in the morning, then the fog rolls in and in the blink of an eye, it’s cool and grey. Beautiful to experience.*