It has been slow going for the last couple of weeks. I’m still reeling from the double whammy of a cold and a badly sprained neck. Have been dreaming of things I’m going to get to once I’m better. Things like pie….

…and the wonderful farmers’ market full of soul sustaining breads and freshly baked autumn treats

…and the amazing heat that my unseasonal chillies are holding in temporary safe keeping for us, that I haven’t quite gotten around to using up..

…of heading back to the shops..

…and getting the very last few days at my favourite outdoor cafés before winter settles in..

I’ve been dreaming of blazing sunshine not so much because I miss it, simply because it isn’t around any more. You know I not-so-secretly love the cool weather. Looking forward to the change of seasons, fall and winter…

..but mostly I’ve been sitting here looking through my books

…holding out on cooking, writing and being out and about till I’m a bit better…

..it has to be soon. The city calls out stronger and louder than the fog horns on the Bay…

But I’m taking the time to let the healing go its pace….

I know I’ll soon be back in the ‘green’ of things.


  1. MPG

    i hope you feel better! i bet your weather is still better than ours 🙁 i love SF…need to be back one of these days & meet you 🙂 love the shot of your desk & the bridge.

    • Chilli

      Sudha – Thank you 🙂

      Mohini – Thank you! The desk shot was me. The GG shot was my husband. Even after all these years living here, he’s still obsessed with that bridge. 🙂 If you make plans to come back to visit SF, do let me know. Would love to meet you!