Check Please Bay Area and Greens

A priest, a rabbi and an architect walk into a television studio. Sounds like the setup to a joke, no? In my case, a few months ago, it was a day in the life.

The television studio in question was the KQED Studio in San Francisco. The show was Check Please Bay Area. This is a show where regular folk argue over their favourite restaurants. I was told I needed to be on this show since I spend a good portion of my waking hours arguing about restaurants anyway. I’m glad I tried out. Despite my initial trepidation, it turned out to be a fun experience. And guess what, it turns out I’m not a complete muppet on television.

Check Please is in its seventh season in the Bay area. You fill out the questionnaire and recommend three restaurants you would like to talk about along with some information about yourself. If they like what they see, the lovely folk producing the show give you a call and set up an interview. If you’re selected, you then get a packet with the three restaurants you are required to review a month or so prior to the taping of the show.

I walked into the studio a bit sleep deprived on that July afternoon. I’d sent in my written restaurant reviews already but had forgotten a good deal about them so tried to cram while the lovely make up lady tried to make me look presentable. We each individually met with the show’s lively host Leslie Sbrocco where she did her best to put us at ease. The show was recorded without any rehearsal in a short time.

My restaurant choice was Greens at Fort Mason. This is a restaurant that was pretty much the first one I fell in love with when I arrived in San Francisco back in 2003. For Amey and me this is an unforgettable place, not just for the food and location but because of another little reason. You’ll get why when you see the video. Greens has a wonderful culinary philosophy and some of the best vegetarian food anywhere. If you don’t live in San Francisco, the Greens cookbooks will get you the food experience. The recipes in the books turn out just like the restaurant. I dive back into them often and this blog features many of their recipes, like this citrus salad, and this spring vegetable one.

If it feels like I’m not telling you too much about the show, it’s because you can see it for yourself and learn the rest. Here it is, my first television appearance ever.

Fun fact: Did you know President Obama (another four years, oh yeah!), then Senator Obama was on the show when it aired in 2001? Isn’t it awesome that the leader of this great country really loves tacos?)

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  1. evolvingtastes

    Hi Sharmila, I was catching up on old episodes of ‘Check Please’ and saw you there! You were great. Thanks also to that link of Senator Obama. What a gem.