Sometimes the best laid plans are led astray. I meant to write a recipe post today. But as I’ve mentioned before, these past few days have been spectacular in terms of weather. There were any number of reasons to go out, visiting friends, running errands, but most importantly, it was just an entirely too beautiful day for us to spend indoors.

So step out we did, first stopping to check the backyard garden on the way. Last week’s ample rain had allowed us to neglect it a bit. Looks like most of the plants are doing just fine without our help.

There are brand new lavender blooms that had us puzzled. The unseasonably warm weather must be confusing the plants too.

The lavender had amethyst rose blooms to compete with. Look at this beauty. So gorgeous!

We took a walk on the beach. Amey found an interesting railing.

Out in downtown, the sun was strong.

There were a vast amount of dry-farmed late season tomatoes.

And lots of rosy-red apples. I can’t look at apples without thinking of Snow White.

There was a new biscuit vendor at the Farmer’s market.

And entirely too many people there for a Thanksgiving weekend. We would have to share those magnificent biscuits.

The sun was strong and low and it felt like it was in our eyes all day.

We ducked out of it and into Wayfare Tavern for lunch.

Look at those gorgeous waves of mashed potatoes! That’s how I always want my mashed potatoes from now on, in billowy waves.
We crossed the Bay into Oakland where Lake Merritt was warm and wonderful.

This is a neighbourhood with so much charm. Look at that darling golden street lamp.

I know I wrote about spice shops around here last week. It would have been slightly different if I’d have known this shop then. A true treasure I’m sure Oakland is happy to have.

It had some fun posters inside.

The shop was redolent with divine ground spices. Also, much cuteness in bottled wares.

They also had gorgeous colour all around the shop to go with the vibrant spices.

We came back across the bridge and visited Flora Grubb (more colour!) for some succulents.

They had plenty.

They also had complimentary apple cider (with spiced rum for those who wanted it) served by the most cheerful guy.

We ended the day walking visiting friends along the SF coast, ending at the Exploratorium.

Isn’t the rotunda magnificent?

This place is enchanting at night. We got lucky this evening. The fog came in about an hour after we walked here. All that clarity was quickly blanketed in grey.

It was a crazy, busy day but with all of this beauty in everyday places, it was also a wonderful one. Since tomorrow looks foggy, I’m glad we stepped outside today.


  1. Siri (@Sirime)

    I can’t express in words how nostalgic am feeling right now. Lived in Bay Area (Foster City & Mountain View) for 2 years and this is how our lives used to be. It was such a blissful times which we would cherish until we are back in States. (hopefully) Lovely photography and am so glad I found you through Nupur. 🙂

    Hugs and will be back again,

    P.S – Miss roaming around those street of SFO terribly. Uggh!

    • Sharmila

      Hi Siri! Thanks and so glad you stopped by. I love your blog. It’s so beautiful. I know if we ever move I’ll miss this place exactly as much as you do. I hope you get to come back here soon!