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Hello there! Welcome to Cheeky Chilli, our little food-centric place on the Interwebs. Thank you for visiting us.

Cheeky Chilli is a place where we document all our culinary and related exploits. The short of it is Sharmila writes and Amey photographs; they both cook. The long story…well, how much time do you have?

This blog started out as Sharmila’s sole endeavour, a place for her to finally put down all those tweaks that she made to recipes and could never remember. She’s never been known to make one dish the same way twice. She’s easily distracted like that. However, like with everything else in her life, her husband, who was her best friend a lot longer than he’s been her husband, managed to distract her with some fantastic noodles he whipped up while he made himself indispensable to this space. Amey does almost all of the photography. Well, like 99% of it. So may be that’s more than almost.

We’re lucky to have lived in culinary meccas. We’re from Bombay, India. (Yes, we know it is called Mumbai. It always was.) It was and continues to be one of the most vibrant food cities on the planet. We now live and work in San Francisco, California which is one of the most food-centric cities ever. You will hear people arguing about the best place to find unagi on the bus just as easily as you would hear people discussing tech start-ups.

About Cheeky Chilli

This site is just like the rest of our life; it is something that we have riotous fun working on together. We’re both architects, love to read, are crazy about music and movies. But ask us what and why exactly and we could talk all day about the same things from entirely different points of view. We’re quite vocal, love discussing stuff loud and long (something our friends have sadly resigned to) and have passionate opinions about the food we eat. Join us through our culinary meanderings as we document our food journey along with a little bit of our life.

“I’m a fan of fiery food. If it has chilli in it somewhere, it’s for me.”
– Nigella Lawson

Don’t you just love NL? I loved her even more when I heard her say this, because it is exactly how I feel about chilli. I’m head-over-heels, riotously mad about chillies, peppers, this entire family of precious South American exports. Amey could take them or leave them. This makes for some rather heated arguments about and during dinner, especially at the times when I’ve made merry with the quantity of chilli in our food. When we started this blog, we agreed that the name needed to celebrate an ingredient. We argued that my adoration of the chilli is stronger than his for lemons. I won. (Good thing too, because Cheeky Lemons would have been an alliterative and Freudian nightmare of a blog name. Can you imagine the spam? I think we dodged a bullet there.)

The food on this site reflects what we eat. While the majority of what we eat is the cuisine we love and grew up with, we both love exploring different cultures through their food. San Francisco is diverse and exciting and the perfect place for this. We’re lucky to live in California with access to fresh local produce all year round. We strive to make the most of this.

There’s nothing we like more than sharing what we eat. We’re so glad you joined us here!

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  1. Rodrigo

    Sharmila! What a pleasant surprise to discover your hidden talent. I find myself very intriged by your wonderful food journeys and what is a hobby of mine too…. eat. Keep writing 🙂

  2. Zoe

    Hi Sharmila and Amey.

    As it is the first time I’m reading you, haven’t yet an opinion on your recipes. BUT, I happened to have read your comments about the global food conditions nowadays and I really appreciated the fact that except for myself, other people on this planet care about the new generation dietary habits and the problems they cause in long term.
    I am Greek, and just like you, my mum was at home cooking fresh and healthy food for us. The well known Mediterranean kitchen. Now, being a mum myself, I quit my job to raise my only child with the values my parents raised me and my brother.
    I call every parent to reconsider the money factor in their lives and instead of pursuing careers, enjoy their children spending less money. It’s about time people realise that our consuming society will be our disaster. Difficult to change mentality, but not impossible.
    Keep going guys and try to influence as many people as possible to get on the right track.
    Thanks for your time!
    Greek mum

    • Sharmila

      Hi Zoe, thank you and welcome! Yes, times are different now from when we were growing up and consumerism is on the rise. One hopes a balance can be reached on an individual level, and the world is mostly realizing that. Sometimes though, pursuing a career is a necessity not a choice. Hopefully most parents can find a good balance between the two.
      My husband and I are huge fans of Greek food. Greece is one of the countries I want to visit very much. It must have been wonderful growing up there.

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