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Happy Birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge, Jamie Oliver & me!!

Yup, birthday time!! Bring out the hats and par-tey like its May 27!! Okay I realise that this means little to anyone else who doesn’t have something special happen today. But it’s my birthday. And Jamie Oliver’s. And 72 years ago, it was the first time that people walked on the Golden Gate bridge. And I love how the fact that my life criss-crosses with such giants in more ways than one, minimally though it may. But what the hey?? Let’s par-tey!! Even the weather’s so great.

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On eating in bed

As far as I’m concerned, there is no food that can be safely eaten in bed. I abhor the concept and often wonder if the person who came up with it was rational. To be fair though, he was probably concerned that if he had to get out from under that mammoth fur blanket to eat said mammoth kababs, he’d freeze to death. So he solved his problem by deciding to build that fire and keep that meat right next to his thatch bed. And yes, ingenuity of that sort is responsible for the genius of mankind today. So with centuries of evolution, why hasn’t this vestige become extinct like that mammoth? Do people want to be consumed by fire ants in the dead of night? Do they need their bed to double as a ‘now-serving-a-free-buffet’ diner for rodents? Do they dream of your bedroom being marked as a hazardous area, where a dog wouldn’t venture, he who sniffs himself?

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Spring @ the Ferry Building

The weather is unpredictable as ever these days, what with rains well into April and May. Within the breadth of one day, you could see rain, fog and sun; or feel cold and hot. We walked out to the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market on a cold and gloomy morning one such day towards the end of April. En route is this pier which was quiet and foggy. We strained out eyes yet were unable to see Berkeley on the other side….

The sun burnt through the fog in the two or so hours we spent at the market and on our way back the same boardwalk was turned into a warm and cheery hangout. Only one of the many turnarounds this city sees in a day!

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Dog day afternoon

– This post isn’t strictly about food, barely rubbing shoulders with it as this happened in the process of its procurement. The accompanying sketch is what Amey doodled, all the while laughing uproariously, when I told him about it. Though this happened a while ago, I think the dog here is wayyy cuter than the actual one…the demeanour though, after the fact, is just about right! –

So ……what is it with all the bite-sized dogs around? (Um…I mean actual dogs, the canine variety….I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I was talking about cocktail sausages…this is after all, a food-related blog. )

There I was, walking out of the supermarket, my hands full of grocery bags. It’s a common problem when you live two blocks from the grocery store. You think, “Of course, I can carry five bags. It’s only two blocks. And it’s five bags only to spread the stuff around evenly. It’s not like they’re full!” You are, of course, wrong. Then you struggle with the bags and get home, swearing up and down to have more sense the next time. But memory is fallible and so the next time you are right back where you began, toting ten bags. But I digress. Getting back to me and my bags on that particular day……

I walked out the supermarket with my purchases, trying hard and fast to work out the physics of balance and weight. I was also steering myself away from the people trying to enter a store, all the while mentally lamenting my husband’s Vitamin Water requirement, easily the heaviest item I was carrying. I was successful navigating past five people out the door and heaved a sigh once on the outside. Now I could charge past most people on the pavement. I’m formidable when I’m armed with my bags. And I walk this pavement all the time. I know where the potholes are. So I confidently put my foot out. And immediately there was this loud squeak and furious snipping around the seam of my jeans, like several rabid ants attacking all at once.

Trying to jump away completely killed my scientifically tuned balance. And two bags fell out of my hands, accompanied by more squeals and the snipping became muted furious sounds, the likes of which I’ve only heard before from a cornered rat my dad once had the misfortune of capturing. I tried to find a way to put the remaining bags down, while furiously trying to remember which bag had the eggs. Then the gravity of the rat situation hit me. I had actually almost stepped on a rat. I got ready to barf as I cleared my other bags. But the gerbil-sized creature next to my bag was too ugly to be a rat even. On closer inspection, while it still looked like a rodent (ugliest ever!!) and smelled a bit, I gathered that the squeaks and sounds were, in fact, barks and growls. Any doubt I might have had were wiped away by the studded Tsarina collar and leash connecting the ‘dog’ to the bicycle rack a few feet away.

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CR | Ananda Fuara

Construction is a necessary evil when you live in a building thats well into it’s fifties…our apartment building is being retrofitted with brand new waterproofing, shingles and just a general all around check up for its age. While I’m able to tune out peripheral external noises very easily when I’m at home, it becomes increasingly hard to do so when I’m trying to study at the same time. That Friday, the noise of the drill and the saw was loud enough to even drown out aimless thought, let alone focused study so we decided a trip to the library was in order if study of any real value was to be achieved. That was before we got to library, settled down with our books and were rudely interrupted by the jack hammer in Civic Center. Not our day….

By this time I was irritated and also starting to get cranky. I get like that when I can’t do something I want to; also when I’m hungry. And with the sun moving higher in the skies, it was time for a meal, something we forgot clean about for that day because of our pseudo-war with construction equipment. Then we remembered that just a block from the Civic Center is a wonderful little restaurant called Ananda Fuara.

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